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Your Development and Enjoyment are what we care about the most! 

Understand what makes Padel the most loved racket sport - how to play off the glass and trust your partner. Learn the rules, basic shots and the key to win games!

Invite your friends to discover the world of padel while having fun together! Please contact us to arrange a session as soon as possible! 

$40 ea.
(60 min)


Learn the basic techniques: forehand, backhand, serve, volley, smash. Understand the rules of the game, scoring and positions on the court.
This class will help you develop the correct foundation to progress easily to higher levels. Enjoy a racket sport like no other with fast results.



$60 ea.

(60 min)


(Low / High)

Improve your game in new areas! You'll learn advanced techniques and tactics to surprise your opponents. 
Round out your game with intensive training exercises combined with match strategy. Improve your accuracy and strength with each hit! Break past your limits



$60 ea. 

(60 min)

Introduction to Padel
Learn special shots, take rebounds off the side wall, employ specific tactics. Improve your competitive performance, fitness and preparation for tournaments.

$60 ea.
(6O min)



Welcome to our thrilling Open classes! Here we don't obsess over technique. Instead we teach you to understand the essence of Padel by playing strategically to challenge your opponents.
Discover a new approach of learning through exciting and immersive plays!  Try this unique experience at our creative Padel academy! 


$70 ea. 

( 90 min)


for 6 to 15 year-olds

Calling all young champions! Our Junior classes are designed to ignite the love for sport while nurturing essential skills. Through engaging activities and friendly competitions, Juniors will develop coordination, teamwork, and confidence.
Our experienced coaches ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for your little athletes to thrive.
$50 ea. 
(60 min)
Boost your individual game with personalised coaching. Our customised approach caters to your specific needs and goals, taking your performance to the next level.
Feel the immediate difference with each session allowing you to surpass yourself!
$140 ea.
(6O min)


Fun challenges await you in our partners session! Join with your partner to unlock the full potential of teamwork. Learn to synchronize strategies - enhance your strengths while covering your weaknesses.

Together you'll be unstoppable! Ready for amazing teamwork? Reserve your session together now!

$200 for 2 pax
(60 min)


Join this class with your family members to play better together while sharing quality time! This is a guided class where you will receive feedback to improve in padel, with fun exercises to learn together.

3pax: $150
4+pax: $200
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