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Rackets and/or balls can be rented in our facilities. 

$5 per racket and $5 rental balls, payable via PayNow to UEN 202116736N.

WhatsApp +65 8402 3899 to receive the padlock code 24 hours before your booking

to get the rackets.

(If you have rented at least one racket, you can use the communal balls available in the storage bin if available)

New padel balls can be purchased from the vending machine at $10 per can via PayNow.

Simply select a product and scan the QR code that appears with your mobile banking app.

*If the machine detects that the item was not dispensed, your payment will be refunded immediately. You can try another slot.



Our goal is to make Padel an accessible sport by offering a high standard of service - but we can't achieve this goal without your help.

Please keep in mind that the equipment for rent is meant to be shared, that's why it's so important to keep the equipment in optimal condition for us to offer you the best experience. 


It is completely forbidden to share the lock code with others. Penalty or compensation for property damage will be imposed on anybody who shares the lock code or opens the rental container without permission. 

1. ONE racket per person per court. We provide exactly enough rackets for all courts.

2. Please only take up to 3 balls per court.

3. Please keep the storage bin locked at all times.

4. Return your racket to the basket in the storage bin immediately after your booking has ended and close the lock.

5.  Dry the handle after use before returning it to the storage container.


6. Please keep the container tidy and return all equipment to its original place.

7. Refrain from throwing the racket, and do not hit it against any surface or person. 

8. To avoid damage to another player or to the racket when thrown by accident, please keep the safety strap on at all times during play.


9. Contact us immediately if you damage or notice any damage to the equipment.

10. If a rental racket is missing, Singpadel will seek compensation from the party responsible based on CCTV evidence.

 “Being trustworthy requires: Doing the right thing. And doing things right.” — Don Peppers

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