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Hairul Sukaime

General Manager & Coach

Hairul had completed Royal Padel Academy Certification at Singpadel, complementing his padel coaching education journey that included training camps and stages in Spain, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Approachable and helpful, Hairul is looking forward to sharing his love of this fun, fast-paced and exciting sport with everyone.  

Hairul holds a Specialist Diploma in Sports Management and Marketing and is already in the National Registry of Coaches, duly certified under the Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme and possessing the Standard First Aid certification.


Daniel Hoyo Castillejo

Head Coach

"Padel is like a poison, it gets into your body and you are infected forever" - this is what happened to me more than 10 years ago.

During this time I have competed against the highest level players in the world and coached in prestigious clubs in Spain, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

Stop blaming the racket, the sun or the wind... book your classes now to improve your game. Get ready to enjoy doing sports like never before.

See you on the courts!


Teh Wen Hao

Coach & Racket Specialist


Coach Wen Hao is the first Singaporean professional padel coach after completing his Royal Padel Academy Certification at Singpadel. 


He is a strong believer in continuous learning with the passion and patience to teach fundamentals to both adults and kids! An experienced tennis player and coach, Wen Hao advocates padel as a fun way for people to engage in a recreational racquet sport that builds social connections


In addition to his love for padel, he is trained to diagnose racket profiles and would be one of the best persons to ask for racket advice - he will help you to know what racket suits the best for your play style.

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